The Surprising Benefits of Tuning into the Moment

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The key to a happy life is through coherence.

The benefits of Mindfulness are just beginning to be explored as modern technology catches up to the sound advice echoed through Sages throughout time which have encouraged us to go within and be still. In fact, the impact of centering in the Eternal Now moment (neither being worried about the past or anxious for the future) is astonishing. The HeartMath Institute has been a pivotal leader for over 25 years in quantifying the positive effects of aligning your brain and heart into one coherent pulsing (which happens naturally when you’re genuinely in the present moment) and is coming out with exciting data that the world is beginning to pay more attention to. 

“Countless studies have linked prolonged incoherence to heart disease, impaired immunity, rapid aging, cancer, the destruction of brain cells, and early death.” – The HeartMath Institute

Mindfulness is a Healthy Choice

It just makes sense to practice mindfulness for physical optimization and it turns out that your emotional and mental wellbeing is the key. We are energetic beings experiencing physicality as a result of the energy we come into contact with and interpret. Our mental and emotional responses work together electromagnetically as a beacon of what we will experience through resonance and magnetism. It is critical, therefore, to care about and optimize our mental and emotional layers as they directly influence our physical bodies in ways that we are just beginning to understand. 

The quest for self-optimization has taken a turn inward in part because we have optimized externally and are reaching for more. We’ve built technological efficiencies up to a place where it is the norm to have most of your needs met which takes us to the self-actualization rung on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs ladder. We are beginning to realize that this evolution of self does just as much for the health of our bodies as it does our mental and emotional wellbeing. In fact, the two are inextricably connected and form a continual feedback loop that organizes the flow and maintenance of your particle and wave self which expresses externally as your body and the functioning of it. For example, our mind has the power to think our body well or think itself sick as is apparent in the placebo, nocebo discussion. In part because your body doesn’t know the difference between what it thinks is happening, and what is actually happening on a physiological level, again, because it is a looping of expression.

70% of Average Thoughts are Negative

Humans are both blessed and cursed by having a larger brain because it means we can ruminate on self-destructive circumstances as we seek to find solutions to the problems we invent. That’s not to say that we don’t have real problems to solve, but that we allow those problems to consume us as we think through all sorts of scary scenarios which haven’t happened yet in order to avoid something that is no longer happening. So, the key is to realize that in the NOW moment, all is well. If you can realize that the Now moment is all you ever have, you can begin to center into a place of peace that optimizes the flow of your energy. This is mindfulness. Not overthinking, by trying to analyze at all.

Because fear and stress do the opposite; they cause your energy to become erratic, contracted, and dense. This is why it doesn’t feel good. It’s not efficient and you end up cutting yourself off from the natural flow of energy which is vital to your survival. In fact, it’s one of the fastest ways we suppress our immune system.

Integrating the Shadow

With this power of thought, we inevitably dive into our own psyche and what makes us tick. There, we are simultaneously faced with truths that have the power to either evolve us or destroy us. Many Spiritual leaders tend to label this “The Shadow” as coined by the late philosopher and psychologist Karl Jung. There is a point when diving deep into who you truly are that you come face to face with the delusions you’ve built (and been fed from others) for the sake of building up a persona and the extent to which you’ve gone to deny aspects of ourselves that don’t fit in that container. The Shadow is filled with elements we don’t want to face and one must then either push ahead into self-mastery and empowerment or retreat into victimhood and build more walls in order to preserve the illusion of self.

Losing the “self” to gain the true self

The journey into self-actualization involves losing yourself completely and this is why mindfulness is so great at doing so. As you detach from any prior labels and judgments, you ironically reunite with all things. You ease into a state of flow transcendent of your walls and into limitlessness. This requires loosening your grip of control and surrendering to the unknown which can be very uncomfortable at first. It’s frightening because humans thrive in the familiar and the Ego seeks to protect your individual identity at all costs. Expanding past yourself requires letting go of everything you thought you were and that is simply too much for some people to willingly explore. It usually takes a personal catastrophe of sorts to enter the Dark Night of the Soul, however, we are entering an age when we can see the benefits and make a b-line without having to endure the prior pain. What was once a rite of passage is becoming optional. We have the tools and resources to evolve out of curiosity not just necessity. We no longer have to get sick before exploring opportunities for reunifying into wholeness. Spirituality is available proactively now as well.

We Don’t Need to Sacrifice to Evolve

Denouncing all physical needs and primal desires and living in a cave of continual meditation isn’t necessary as we understand how to optimize without having to go to extremes. We are truly evolving and it’s an exciting time to be alive. Some of the benefits of mindfulness are that we think clearer, are more creative, we feel better, have more energy, look better, we derive more meaning from life, and awaken a passion of purpose. How does this happen? The short answer is that we stop resisting and become open vessels for energy to flow unrestricted. 

Consciousness is the first step but it’s very different from thinking. Thinking involves the mind which is rooted in the totality of your experiences and is weighted heavily on perception and past programming.

Consciousness, however, comes from unification beyond the self; total awareness. As a judgeless witness of what IS without the tainting of the past or the projection of the future, you can get past the mental looping and destructive patterns of rumination.

You can break the chains of the self-imposed prison that the mind so easily delivers through the convincing support of the emotions which come with those thoughts. When you illuminate your patterns and trace your emotions back to the source of the thoughts which resulted in the way you are feeling, you empower yourself to choose the thoughts you think rather than allow your brain to run on default. This is what mindfulness facilitates and it’s why your energy becomes stable and coherent. There is no more contradiction or resistance; all is indeed well. 

Tune In with Vybe Life

It is through conscious awareness of the patterns that you’re weaving that you can then begin to edit the contents of your mind. Ironically, mindfulness is about getting outside of your mind, not dwelling within it. The Vybe Life app facilitates a simple platform for you to tune-in with yourself. The simple act of doing so shifts the energy of all future instances. Not through force, but through allowance. When you make an empowered choice to become aware of the thoughts that serve you, it means that you can begin to magnetize the circumstances, people, and things that support that intention. It means you can begin to write your own best story and actually be a match to living it.

See you inside the Vybe Life app. We can’t wait to support you in tuning in to your best life.

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