The 3 A’s That Can Transform Your Life

Mold Your Life with 3 A's

Ask> Align> Allow>

During some of the most difficult times of my life, I recognized that there was a pattern that always seemed to support me when I was consciously using it rather than subconsciously witnessing it. I love alliterations because of their flow and memorability, so over the years I have distilled these three processes into three words, all beginning with A, and I call them The Three A’s of Anahata. Putting these simple “rules” to use FOR you – rather than standing back as they naturally occur, whether you realize it or not – can be a powerful way to make headway towards the things that you vision for your life.

They are simply: Ask, Align, and Allow. And they can transform your life.


You do so verbally to communicate what you desire, but you are also doing so non-verbally through your vibration (a mixture of intention, thoughts, and emotions). We are a beacon for our asking and always receive what we are emitting. The key to remember is that all focus and requests are answered, not just the ones we deem as “wanted”, meaning the Universe answers YES to both the things we request and the things are push against. This is why the Law of Attraction is often denounced by people who don’t realize that their suppression, resistance, or fighting against something is actually giving the Universe the go-ahead to actually bring more of it into your life. When we begin to Ask consciously, we can begin to weed out the patterns we’ve been planting subconsciously when they don’t align with where we want to be or with the goals we have in mind.


The second phase of the 3 A’s of Anahata is the period of alignment which occurs after our asking for something. Thankfully, it’s a blending and there is a lag time between manifestation. Imagine if we instantly manifested whatever it is we “asked” for – we’d most likely destroy ourselves and our world before breakfast! The more inclusive alignment is rounded out with your ups and down’s, rash decisions, and heart-felt yearnings, and what results is a complex blending of vibrational resonance which draws to you the precise match of what you’ve vibrationally exuded, if even if is too hard for your mind to trace back each component to what you asked for. It’s easier to see the pieces looking back than moving forward, however, if we can ride the leading-edge of our vibrational asking through conscious awareness of each and every moment, we can step into our power as Sovereign Beings, but only long enough to then let go.


The final phase of the 3 A’s is both the easiest and hardest at the same time. Letting go of how we think something should be or go is the final step in attaining a matching vibration. We will not get that which we require to be a certain way, or that we notice isn’t yet here, for we will be beating only that drum. We’ve got to know when to get out of our own way, and we do so through surrender and allowance for the vision we are summoning to come forth in the way that it will. Remaining open to receiving miracles and twists in our lives where matter is coordinated in often more exquisite ways than we could imagine is not something that humans do well. Our minds are often set on the way we think things should appear or unfold, and in having a closed mind frame, we miss out on the bounty which was otherwise coming forth (just in a different format). When we allow, we open our hearts to Divinely guided coordination, as we are allowing our asking to manifest without resistance or self-sabotage.

When to use them

Activate the 3 A’s of Anahata: Ask, Align, Allow any time you want to consciously mold the experience which comes forth to you without force. Let your resonance speak for you, and let it be aligned with what you are meaning to ask for, then let it come to you through surrender.

You’ll be surprised at how effective these three simple words can be when implemented into your daily life.

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