How It Works

Tune in. Activate. Reflect. Expand.
Check-in with yourself daily and cultivate a conscious lifestyle. Build new patterns and connections that serve your highest expression and contribute to others.

Tune into Your Vybe

Take a moment to check-in with your Vybe and become aware of your feelings.

Access Activities

We’ve gamified self-optimization. Explore and complete activities curated by thought-leaders in the consciousness space. It’s like receiving daily evolutionary hacks!


Explore your responses to the activities and become aware of the self-optimization available.

Find your Tribe

Anonymously share your experiences to expand with, inspire, and connect with other Vybers.

Why Vybe Life

Helping you think differently to optimize your life.


Express yourself openly and freely without fear of being judged. Share your thoughts and experiences in a safe environment. Your profile is anonymous by default.


Vybe Life is a simple and engaging way to create more self-reflection. It helps you to become more aware and connected to the present, and in doing so empower yourself to cultivate the life you desire. Regain access to optimum living through mindful choices and training.

New Habits

Rewire how you think and transform how you experience your world! Invest in yourself daily and practice living in alignment with purpose. To get started is simple, you just need to decide to play. The more you play, the more you will unlock and discover.

The Science Behind The App


The brain is malleable. It has the ability to change throughout our life. It’s never too late to break a habit or form a new one. Our thoughts become things. Awareness of our patterns allows us to make edits that support growth, joy, and the life we desire.


Your outlook on life makes a huge difference on your wellbeing. Capturing positive emotions will help change your thought process and even your body chemistry. It’s not your genes that determine your wellbeing, it’s your choices.

Quantum Entanglement

We’re more connected than we realize. The latest research tells us that relationships built through trust and devoid of fear and judgment foster magical possibilities for thriving and accelerated spiritual growth.

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