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The Natural Law of Attraction

Life is never turned “off” There’s quite a bit of talk these days about manifestation and ever since the book The Secret was published, people treat the Law of Attraction as something you make happen rather than what is happening all of the time naturally. Sort of like pulling a rabbit out of a hat,

Love Matters

A Heartfelt Message from Vybe Life Transformation requires a rebirth. A breaking down and tilling of the soil which has been depleted. We’ve been depleted but through the guise of freewill. Our Souls are beckoning us forth into resolution, but we can take two paths: fear or love. We can either actually BE the change

Activate Your Vybe Life

Action is necessary to overwrite defaults that no longer serve. In the Vybe Life blog, we’ve talked about the power of reflection before. Its ability to change the energy of a circumstance in order to nurture momentum towards the experiences you desire, rather than recreating patterns that don’t serve you is one well worth exploring.

The Power of Tribe

Expansion together gives life a deeper meaning. What is the meaning of life?  It’s a question that has launched a thousand ships and countless quests through both barren and bountiful landscapes of life.  Each unique journey unfolds timelessly through the expression of the consciousness which is you. An interesting component of questions is that woven

How we respond to our circumstances becomes us. The word Alchemy has been mystified and even twisted into a taboo place of darkness and confusion by those who seek to keep people veiled. Recall the countless ‘bad guys’ in movies who are up to no good with their ability to perform magic. Knowledge is power

Tune in to your Vybe Life

The key to a happy life is through coherence. The benefits of Mindfulness are just beginning to be explored as modern technology catches up to the sound advice echoed through Sages throughout time which have encouraged us to go within and be still. In fact, the impact of centering in the Eternal Now moment (neither

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