The Paradox of Devices

Device Paradox

Expansive Contraction and a Solution

Our ability to connect digitally with anyone in the world has brought extraordinary reach and a global sense of community. Initiatives and platforms to improve the world have sprung up in answer to our planet’s needs and are quickly creating massive waves of transformation. While this expansion has brought unification technology that we need, it has simultaneously built and is now reinforcing habits that close us off from the natural interaction we have with the world. The shadow side of social platforms is the ease at which they perpetuate dysfunction and egoic habits centered on persona rather than reality.

A Distorted Persona

How many likes can I get? Who shared my selfie? Will my shocking behavior go viral? These are now common thought patterns and concerns among the youth who have substituted personal interaction with digital ones. And it goes beyond psychological habits and into physical ones as well. Our electronics cause us to stand still and take away from the physical activity we would otherwise be enjoying in their absence. With no sign of slow down, it’s more important than ever to teach people at an early age the importance of balance. To instill a desire to maintain a conscious awareness of our thoughts and actions and how they impact the world. A healthy amount of physical interaction with actual people around us while maintaining activities that get our bodies moving is critical for overall health. And it’s not just the younger generations who have suffered through our addiction to devices. Virtually all professionals across most industries rely on their electronics to get their jobs done and to interact the most efficiently with their community and even family members. Our lives are busy.

Technology Can Help

The pendulum has swung into a position calling for counterbalance. At Vybe Life, we believe in technology and its ability to connect the global community. To be living in an era where little known people from all walks of life can reach out and contribute in meaningful ways that bring real growth and healing is a beautiful thing. We imagine a world where we are leveraging our devices to bring about positive life choices and the best in people. Where we can tap into our true desires through playful learning and limitless curiosity. Where we can lift others up rather than tearing each other down.

The Gift of Anonymity 

A gamified approach to mindfulness and personal optimization, Vybe Life is anonymous by design. When Egos are left out of the mix and we can be vulnerable and real, the walls come down and our inner truth emerges both internally and as we interact with our tribe. Through exciting and inspiring Vybe Activities, we can begin to build habits that support tuning in to the truth of our patterns, without judgment, in order to use our freedom of choice to decide what we want to energize and expand into. We can replace false projections of who has a better-looking house, body, or plate of food (yes, I’ve seen people sharing their meals as a way to make themselves look good) with authentic expressions of reality about what we’re really feeling and why we feel that way.

Consciousness Brings Great Joy

As you illuminate the areas of your life which are unsatisfying, you can examine the nuts and bolts of the programming holding it in place and come to natural conclusions of resolution. You are the author of your life and it is your response to your environment which dictates your future experiences. Rumi said “the cracks are where the light gets in” and we believe there is no limit to the transformation accessible through inner exploration and the ways it extends beyond the self and out into the world.

The Vybe Life Solution

We are building a tribe of accountable patrons for our planet. People who genuinely desire to improve their inner landscape and thereby shift the world around them. When we elevate and upgrade our patterns, and continue to uplevel our personal choices, we can center in the eternal Now moment without the chains of the past or the anxiety of the future. That is something worth celebrating along the way. That is a worthwhile commitment.

Yes, Vybe Life is an app, but one that will build and reinforce productive ways to spend your energy while lifting others up as you rise. Spending just 15 minutes per day training up your mindfulness and expanding into new skills that improve all of life around you and within you is time well spent.

The side-effects can be joy, peace, satisfaction, passion, purpose, and compassion. We are building a worldwide tribe of conscious co-creators who are on fire about empowering themselves to improve themselves, their experiences, and inspiring others to do the same.

So much good can be cultivated and perpetuated through our collective understanding and implementation of Universal optimization hacks. A social platform awaits which can facilitate this and much, much more. We encourage you to install the Vybe Life app today and share this article with people who mean something to you.

Tune-in. Reflect. Activate. Expand.

Here’s to our journey. We can’t wait to explore with you as part of our Sacred family.

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