The Power of Tribe

Expansion together gives life a deeper meaning.

What is the meaning of life? 

It’s a question that has launched a thousand ships and countless quests through both barren and bountiful landscapes of life. 

Each unique journey unfolds timelessly through the expression of the consciousness which is you.

An interesting component of questions is that woven within them, we often find the very answers we seek. 

The Meaning of Life

So, what is the meaning of life? 

Life IS meaning. 

The bonds we form and circuits we sync become our reality. How we frame things, what we decipher, how we respond, and the meaning we choose to wrap around each of the elements we perceive of is what ends up starring back at us in the mirror. 

The Answer is in the Questions

I believe, it is our insatiable quest for meaning which drives us forward into the dance of discovery between self and our world. Our carnal desire for wisdom, a clever survival mechanism embedded deep within each of us. For without asking questions, life would eventually cease to exist. We would have no curiosity to birth the new or explore things from different vantages. We would have no desire to overcome odds and evolve. We’d have no need to build things with others to accomplish common goals. It is our inquisitive nature which births new worlds and the meaning we give such things which call forth others to support it.  

Meaning is What Satisfies or Tortures Us

In a sea of limitless potential, our wonderment and curious nature are what propels us forward into the new. But without meaning, what we encounter would be irrelevant and unworthy of our attention. It is the meaning we give things that cause them to cross the bridge from ambiguity into the Sacred. It can also become our pain.

How Meaning is Given

But how do we bless things with meaning beyond the analytical? One word. Emotions. 

Yes, we can contemplate meaning from the things we think about, but the meaning I refer to is the magical element of caring that is birthed through the release of emotions associated with the thing or experience we are exploring. Emotion takes us beyond simply data and information and molds that data and information into impulses that have the power to transform. When we have an emotional response, we activate a powerful electromagnetic pulsing between our brain and our heart. This energetic expression of feeling gives depth to our experiences and the necessary passion to either overcome or pursue further whatever it is we are interacting with while simultaneously magnetizing components of the Universe to get the job done. Simply put, Emotions bring dimension to what otherwise would be a 2-dimensional (and rather bland) experience. They give us the power to call forth the people, places, and things that can contribute to a common vision. We have a broader reach and deeper impact when we extend beyond ourselves and join with others.

Amplification through Unity

Certainly, we can form bonds of meaning with inanimate objects, but it is when there is an exchange of energy that we form the most powerful and fulfilling ones. “Where two or more are gathered” therein lies the power of Creator. This is an Anthem that not only feels good but can be backed Scientifically. Vibrational resonance of the same quality and intention creates an amplification effect far surpassing the same degree that would otherwise be possible if experienced singularly. We’ve perhaps been a part of, or at the least been witness to, how it feels to strive for a common goal. Sports gatherings are a basic example of this. There’s no shortage of the crazy things which die-hard fans have been known to do for the love of their team. Who would have thought that simply being a spectator of something could create such deep emotional passion, loyalty, and meaning? On a more serious front, countless people have lost their lives in service to the mission and group that they stand for and with due to the meaning they’ve tied to it.  

As we evolve as a Human Species, we are beginning to see real data coming forth which quantifies the amplification effect of the Power of Tribe on an energetic level. Measuring Earth Resonance and other electromagnetic frequencies during specific Global events (both catastrophic and constructive in nature) are now being monitored with stunning results. 

When we vibrate together, things shift. 

A Tribal Application

The Vybe Life Community offers a safe place to gather anonymously in order to extend past the ego-driven world of a false-self and into a collective resonance of growth, peace, joy, enlightenment, and the pursuit of self-optimization and truth.

It begins with simple daily reflection upon the emotions and meaning you’re giving your thoughts and experiences. Through your reflection within the Vybe Life app, you can then begin to shed light on the things you want to strengthen in your life and the things that would serve you to edit. By joining others from all around the world, we can begin to celebrate and explore our Sovereignty and the freedom we each have to choose how we perceive and what we create in this new world. Simple yet profound Vybe Activities support you during all aspects of your quest. Powerful journeys designed to add meaning, clarity, unification, and self-optimization are just a click away. 

We honor the vital spark of continual momentum that you uniquely fulfill and look forward to expanding together.

See you in the Vybe Life app and join us in our Private Facebook Group.

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