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Our perpetual quest for joy and the surprisingly simple key.

Follow the trail of your desires and take a right, then keep going to highway marker infinity, and you’ll soon come to the conclusion that what we all want is to be happy. Any desire you have is wished because of the way it will make you feel when you have it. But, have you ever thought about what makes one person happy and another miserable? The world would have us believe it has to do with how successful or wealthy we are. Many begin their blind ambition for fame and fortune in an attempt to get to this happy place only to realize that they are the same person they were before their success. As Jon Kabat-Zinn put it “Wherever you go, there you are”.

The Quest for Happiness

It’s undeniable that happiness doesn’t come due to material accumulation or egotistic pedestals. In fact, it has been shown that some of the happiest people on Earth thrive with little material possessions. And of course, there are many miserable billionaires and famous people.

Who we are when we look in the mirror is an expression of how we feel and how we feel is a culmination of the quality of thoughts we’ve had since entering these bodies (including even inherited data).

Epi What?

Epigenetics is a relatively new Science that is proving we are given emotional markers stored above the genes as default responses from our ancestors. These implanted thoughts and emotional data encapsulate events that never even occurred to us personally. It’s a fascinating subject when you get into the thick of it and we explore things like this and more inside the Vybe Life app.

A lot goes into the chemical composition which becomes our unique personalities. Repetitive thoughts create habitual emotional responses which over time become our demeanor and eventually our personality. In fact, the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza proves that we are addicted to our default emotions and for the sake of the familiar, recreate even our stresses and dysfunction.

The Depths of Our Subconscious

Our subconscious minds can be thought of as a library of experiences which help us determine the responses we will have as things occur in real-time. Certainly, it’s helpful to learn not to put your hand on a hot stove just as it is to set boundaries when you realize you’re being manipulated. While prior determinations assist in avoiding future mistakes and support our autonomic nervous system with vital functioning, these preconditions can also prevent us from reaching our happy place altogether. This is because even if you know you want to look on the Brightside, if you have a warehouse full of pessimism as default, it’s going to take more than just thinking you want things to change for them to actually do so. Why? Because we feel in response to our thoughts. 

90% of our thoughts are being thought without our conscious participation.

This is a fact that can come with a bit of as a surprise even to those who are into self-mastery, meditation, and mindfulness. It means that the most devout gurus who are focused on self-mastery are still human, and therefore are wired to use their subconscious minds more than their conscious minds innately. Sure, we can learn to reemerge in the Infinite Now moment as often as we can, but our anatomy says we’ll be thinking on autopilot the majority of the time. 

Neuroplasticity to the Rescue

Automation is good news for those who had a balanced upbringing facilitated by healthy parents with high emotional intelligence and low-stress, but for the majority of us, in order to find our future happiness, we need to learn how to be happy in the Now moment despite any other prior conditioning or memories running counter to that joy.

Truly, happiness is a choice and it is an art. Once a master, not always a master. It’s a continual choice in the moment as to how you will respond to the circumstance which has unfolded and is now being experienced by and transcendent of your senses. 

Consciousness is often all it takes to illuminate the areas in which you’re pushing against. What I mean by that is that our natural resonance is unconditional love. So, anything you do that isn’t aligned with unconditional love is felt as discordant to your body’s natural state of flow and being. Fear and stress literally make your energy erratic and disrupt your ease and peace on a chemical level as a helpful alert that you are no longer being efficient with your energy. Now don’t be tempted to blame or shame yourself, because those are some of the most incoherent patterns of all.

Simply becoming aware of the defaults you are playing that don’t serve you is a powerful first step in editing the flow of focus and the responses you are having to the circumstances you’re calling.

How We Call Things To Us

It’s a complicated weaving of asking through electromagnetic frequency, but I will explain it in simple terms: your thoughts are electric and your emotions are magnetic. Together, they emit your overall resonance and who you are being (your energetic signature) is what you’ll experience more of. If you don’t like something in your life, pushing against it will only give it mass and weight. This is the single reason that most don’t feel the Law of Attraction isn’t real: because they aren’t getting what they ask for. But here’s the thing, we don’t get what we ask for with words or affirmations, unless we believe them.

We Get What We Vibrate

What we vibrate is a combination of our chronic thoughts and emotions from our subconscious combined with our conscious intention in the Now moment. 

Thankfully, neuroplasticity means we can make continual edits to our defaults no matter how embedded they are. We can form new pathways of potential and through focus and practice, we can build new habits which are aligned with where we want to be rather than where we have been. A belief is just a thought you keep thinking. When you stop thinking about disempowering thoughts (oftentimes without knowing you are), the associated feelings will also dissipate. But it will take practice and building new habits, just as it did the familiar responses overtime which created the default response in the first place.

Writing a New Story

When you observe your patterns from a judgeless perspective and have decided to change your story, the actions in the future must be aligned with that decision. Again, thinking isn’t enough to change behaviors, you must practice what you preach and truly show up in the world in the ways which you’ve decided to. The other key is that change is required for change. If you were already a match, you’d already be experiencing it, which means, you’ve got to be gentle with yourself and supportive of your evolution. It’s not productive to dwell on the ways you fall short simply because you aren’t there yet. That will only delay your arrival.

Vybe Life As A Manifestation Tool

Vybe Life makes it easy to become aware of the thought patterns which are preventing you from reaching your goals and desires by providing an easy platform to express and then trace your emotions to the roots of your feelings (the thoughts). Again, even conscious awareness changes the energy of the pattern in a healthy new way. And we are not talking about Spiritual bypassing here, for certain, pretending you’re ‘high vibe only’ and denying anything dense is suppression and the Universe doesn’t judge, it just delivers back what it is given so there is no hiding the truth of your feelings. Honesty and vulnerability are needed when ‘doing the work’ and it will get easier and easier. As you deactivate the energy that used to drag you down, you’ll emerge lighter, more optimistic, empowered, and ready for more. 

It’s a cyclical journey with no end. For all we ever have is this moment right now. Happiness is not a destination; it is made of the infinite now moments we choose to decipher and give meaning to. Gratitude is one vibration that will ensure we are savoring the most from our current vantage. Training your brain and crafting the experiences you desire will also optimize your entire life. Virtually all aspects of your existence are directly tied to how you’re interpreting your world. The meaning you give things is what you will take and build into more experiences. No one can make you feel a certain way, only your response can do that. There are no victims.

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