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There’s quite a bit of talk these days about manifestation and ever since the book The Secret was published, people treat the Law of Attraction as something you make happen rather than what is happening all of the time naturally. Sort of like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, or a bag of cash, or a car. The superficial teachers of manifestation teach you to focus only on good vibes (which ends up sending a lot of things to shadow) and people aren’t sure why it’s not working for them.

Occasionally, people may feel like they were doing better before they knew about the Law of Attraction which may lead them to believe that it doesn’t work at all.  

All of these scenarios are actually confirming that the Law of Attraction is working precisely as it does. Because it’s not what we say we want, it’s what we vibrate which is shown to us. And what we vibrate is a combination of our beliefs, personas, thoughts (both conscious and unconscious), and our programming. Affirmations are all fine and dandy but only if you can believe them, otherwise, you are affirming the absence of your desires. You are vibrating the doubt of those very desires since there is nothing “real” to affirm in physicality that would allow you to truly believe what you are saying. These are the real reasons why some people think the Law of Attraction is a farce, not because it isn’t real, but because it DOES WORK, but ALL of the time, not just when we are focused upon what we truly desire.

Already So

We live in a fractal world; the totality of the pattern exists within each of us. Every potential already exists. We aren’t creating new things; we are creating complexities of the same pattern arranged in different ways. When we imagine something, it’s already a reality vibrationally, and therefore, it already exists. All we need do to manifest something is to tune into it because it’s already there.

This is where a lot of people get stuck when it comes to manifesting. They make it about hard work and Creation, rather than flow and allowance. Often times using force. And, since you need to become a match to what you desire before you experience it, the work isn’t trying harder to get what you desire, the work is to tune into it on a vibrational level. And sometimes this is more about letting go than actual work at all.

Of course, tuning in to it does require certain skills, and those skills take energy to learn and master, so indeed, there is work involved, but only as far as coming into Resonance with what already exists, which confirms what you desire. The rest is just natural law. Turns out, things are a lot simpler than we are making them out to be. We merely need to be a match to what we desire in order to experience it.

Tuning In and Allowing as a Way of Life

To tune in like a radio dial to the station we want to listen to will mean knowing what we want and understanding how to get there, but then just allowing things to open up naturally. We require the skills to accomplish the tasks which are hoping for success in but it also takes letting go and then letting the Universe show it to us. Often, there is a faster path if we can be agile and allow. While action is certainly required to jive physically with the experiences we want, it’s the feeling of the wish fulfilled which is key. A quote that is often miscredited to Einstein helps to frame this.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you can’t help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” – Anonymous

Internal and External Match Required

So how do we match the frequency of our desires in the absence of them? There are two approaches and they are both just as important as each other. You must align yourself internally and externally in order for you to be a match.

To do so externally, simply surround yourself with the people, places, and things that already support your desire. It only makes sense that if you want to be successful, that you surround yourself with those who are successful. If you want to help those in need, you surround yourself with those who need you. If you want to paint artwork that gets featured in a gallery, you’re going to need to find an in with a gallery.

Action towards placing yourself in circumstances that empower you and support your vision is required in order to bring it forth in 3D. Likewise, disengaging from people, places, and things that detract from your Vision or don’t support you is also necessary. Now – be careful not to shun, deny or disown and instead integrate and discern what you want more of. When we are continually confronted by people who don’t understand your Vision or that don’t believe in you, we can end up wasting a lot of time and energy either convincing them or doubting ourselves. It is the same for places and things. Our environment must be nurturing and aligned with where we want to go in order to thrive.

Visualize the Outcome: As if it is so

The other way to bring things forth is to visit the people, places, and things that support your Vision internally. How? Through your imagination. You must Be it to See it, so do that. When you tell yourself new stories and your brain begins to fire and wire new truths about where you’re headed as if they’ve already occurred, you naturally cleanse your subconscious of any doubt, indecision or fear which is holding you back. What you place inside your mind as truth (through witnessing it as so in your imagination), you will be a beacon on default which magnetizes those things to you naturally. And at that point, you need only give it up to the Universe and let it unfold.

While action is a beautiful thing and can make you feel very accomplished when you get things rolling in the physical world that propels you closer (sometimes it is easier to see things in reality first) taking the time to go within and visualize your outcome “As if it is so” is also critical. When you come across internal resistance either physically or inside your imagination, which somehow disproves or doesn’t allow your Vision to unfold, remember to take a look at the belief you are holding at the root of that resistance. It’s a clue as to what needs to be reframed in order to fully step into the vibration you seek. Or it’s pointing out the skills and challenging you to uplevel in order to reach your goals.

What can you do today to be a match? It’s not magic, it’s natural law.

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