The Four Pillars of Vybe Life

Four Pillars of Vybe Life

Tune in. Reflect. Activate. Expand.

The benefits of mindfulness stretch across all planes of reality: the mental, emotional, spiritual, and even physical. Modern science has advanced to such a place that we are now able to quantify internal improvements through external proof using leading-edge equipment and recording devices that track and report such optimization. This is perhaps why the Mindfulness industry is experiencing unprecedented growth and is expected to revolutionize the way we live our lives. Up until now, most inner work that was done could only be validated by the person doing it as they expressed how much better they felt. Nowadays, we can physically record the actual health improvements, memory improvements, and overall improvements in happiness and even productivity through advancements in technology which can measure this progress scientifically.

Magic or Science?

It’s an exciting time to be alive as science is catching up with the Gurus and confirming the inner knowing and ways of the wise which have been practiced for thousands of years. This wisdom was in fact suppressed and hidden from the masses because of the sheer power it has to transform the world around you. Many Alchemists have been ‘burned at the stake’ for their apparent magical ability to transform energy from one state into another. Knowledge is indeed power and when what we don’t know, we don’t know. Our World is evolving out of fear and into empowerment not only out of a desire to do so but out of necessity.

Tapping into a Tool for Empowerment

The Vybe Life app supports you fully on your journey into self-empowerment and optimization. From tuning in to your own thought patterns and the emotional responses which are generated as a result of these habits, to providing powerful training via Vybe Activities, the Vybe Life tool is poised to quickly become a vital component to any evolutionary path. Because the app is anonymous, we allow ourselves to become energetic expressions without the ego interjecting judgments of self or others. When you download the Vybe Life app, you become a part of our Sacred community and the app facilitates limitless advancement both personally and collectively as you join like-minded people who are on a mission to improve and in doing so, improve the world.

The Four Pillars of a Vybe Life are:

  1. Tune In: the Vybe Life app provides a platform to consciously check-in with your Vybe and become aware of your feelings. Consciousness is the first step in crafting the life you desire.
  2. Reflect: the Vybe Activities inside the app are designed to empower you further through limitless self-optimization training.
  3. Activate: We’ve gamified self-optimization through carefully curated activities by thought-leaders in the consciousness space. It’s like receiving daily evolutionary hacks that extend beyond thinking and into doing (which is required to transform).
  4. Expand: When we extend beyond ourselves and into Unity Consciousness, we expand with and inspire those around us. We elevate together as we connect inside the Vybe Life app.

When you make use of the many layers of assistance available inside this tremendous tool, you empower yourself to become the highest expression of you. When you show up as your best self, the world shows up as it’s best and we enter a new age together.

We have the technology to uplevel our consciousness and put it to good use. Will you join us and implement the four pillars?

Tune In. Reflect. Activate. Expand.

We can’t wait to be with you in the app. Download the Vybe Life app today.

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