The Alchemical Power of Positive Reflection

How we respond to our circumstances becomes us.

The word Alchemy has been mystified and even twisted into a taboo place of darkness and confusion by those who seek to keep people veiled. Recall the countless ‘bad guys’ in movies who are up to no good with their ability to perform magic. Knowledge is power quite literally and because everything is energy and information, the more you know about frequency and vibration, the stronger your mastery of the unseen and often misunderstood laws of the Universe.

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

Alchemy and Self-empowerment

Scientifically speaking, Alchemy merely means to transform something on a chemical level. An Alchemist is a wizard only because of their knowledge of how various elements react reliably with one another and work to transform. To the outsider looking in, it appears as if they can shift one substance into another in seemingly mystical ways. 

But what does Alchemy have to do with empowerment?

When you change the energy of something, you change the manifestation (or outcome) of the mass. Likewise, when you look at something differently, it will show up differently.

You needn’t know anything about the Periodic Table of Elements to do so. For example, when you reflect upon something, you are molding your response innately. You are choosing how to interpret the information you’ve come into the awareness of. You do this automatically as a frequency decipherer. What makes a dog a dog and a lemon a lemon is merely up to your five senses and how you’re experiencing the energetic signature of the thing you are coming into contact with. 

That energy can be a thought pattern and even an emotional response. In fact, that’s how our Subconscious Mind is formed. Over time, the collective judgments we’ve been given and determine become assumptions, and then habits. We set powerful defaults in order to exist comfortably within our limited bandwidth of the Conscious Mind (each of us only has the ability to be consciously aware of about 10% before reaching our maximum). If we had to relearn everything each day, we wouldn’t even make it to the coffee pot before being overloaded with seemingly daunting tasks that take up our bandwidth.

Using the Subconscious Wisely 

The Subconscious is a beautiful thing that allows us to process the newness in life taking all past into consideration so that we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. But it can also prevent us from moving forward if we are replaying prior defaults of limitation rather than growth. In fact, it can outright drain us of our energy and become a very inefficient way to live. But, because alerts and warnings are critical to our survival, as humans we can build up quite a library of caution which is keeping us small and safe.

Our physical layers are constantly being influenced by the energy and information around us, but it is up to you alone as to the meaning you’ll give your experiences.

Your power as the Creator of your life is your capacity to respond to whatever circumstance arises in a way that supports your Vision.

You have free-will absolute. Even under the illusion of force, ultimately, it is up to use as to what we choose to take away from any experience. No one has control over your emotional response. Your response is the energetic magnetism that will call forth similar circumstances into the patterns you weave. Only you can choose the way you are responding to life.

A New Tool for Authentic Reflection

The Vybe Life app is an effective tool that gives you the ability to reflect, diffuse, center, and reframe your experiences. Reflection shifts the energy immediately, just through becoming the judgeless witness of what is. Consciousness is paramount in order to make any necessary edits. Reinforcing the aligned elements of your life through gratitude is a powerful way to mold your future. 

Awareness Illuminates Potential and Opportunities

When we shed light on the meaning we are giving things, we can spark new options that otherwise would have been perceived as obstacles. You can literally remap your subconscious programming to serve you, and it starts with recognizing the thoughts which are harming you rather than evolving you. The simple step of reflection is facilitated when you create a Vybe Post. The key is not to judge what is. That’s only resistance and as they say “what you resist persists”. Rather than disallowing your dense feelings and emotions, when you can embrace them as the helpful alert system that they are, you can begin to center into each moment without judgment and with full capacity to make real-time edits to the ways in which you are sifting through your experiences and the meaning you are giving things. For it is in the meaning you give that the Universe rises up to confirm that reality.

We celebrate you for the Frequency Alchemist you are and the one you are becoming. 

See you in the Vybe Life app.

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