Love Matters

A Heartfelt Message from Vybe Life

Transformation requires a rebirth.

A breaking down and tilling of the soil which has been depleted. We’ve been depleted but through the guise of freewill. Our Souls are beckoning us forth into resolution, but we can take two paths: fear or love.

We can either actually BE the change and transformation which is needed, or we can buy into the fear, lies, and astonishing manipulation and perpetuate that fear. Those who are dividing further (even by negative comments, politics, blame, shame, and judgment) are supporting fear and separation.

Now is not the time to debate who is right or wrong. Or who and what is to blame. Is that not the tactic all along? Inject fear and unrest and then light a match?

Our choice is simple. Love or fear.

It can be so easy in these confusing times to give in to the pressure and stress of the narrative being given, it’s real after all isn’t it? People have died and are dying. There’s a virus. People are being treated poorly and even murdered. 

But how did we allow this manipulation and confusion to elevate?

Through fear. It clouds your ability to think for yourself. It has you so focused on survival that you are no longer in the natural state of growth and problem-SOLVING. Fear strengthens the wall of separation, a requirement for manipulation and control. The subtle and blatant ways we’ve been fed a twisted story in order to oblige and perpetuate that timeline is a waste of energy to articulate and would require a vast amount of history. Besides, it will only be more fodder for those who are looking to argue for our very own limitations. Sometimes the dysfunction is more familiar than the required change.

So what can be done right now?
Self-mastery through unconditional love and Quantum peace.

Simply – we have to be the change we seek. It sounds too easy to have such a straight forward answer. But truly, when you get right down to it, the collective has been acting like a bunch of egotistical toddlers. Regardless of what you believe, there are templates of energy we enter into and travel upon. Patterns we weave and have woven. Our gift is the eternal now. It is the place from which all our collective choices can be healed, and our clarity restored.

From your vantage and at this moment, chose love. The world will make edits and transform. But it starts with you and your response.

Instead of judging and pointing fingers; be the focus on love.

Instead of justifying hardships and lashing out at the perception of the cause; be the focus on love.

Instead of focusing on all the wrong with the world and pain; be the focus on love.

Instead of filling your senses with the fear-based narrative they are using to manipulate; be the focus on love.

We’ve got to end the fear. It’s not sustainable.

Yes- you’re that important. Now is the time. We are transforming.

Evolution or extinction.

It’s 100% an inside job. Here are a few tips:

  • Take ownership of your choice to respond and overcome any obstacle.
  • Look for the silver lining and activate a new plan that serves you, the planet, and Creator.
  • Spend some time unplugged from external media and opt for communion with your inner Divine Wisdom which already knows this and is lighting a path with every breath you take.

It’s hard to hear the whispers of your Soul above the noise of increased chaos.

Surround yourself with the people, places, and things that support a peaceful vision.

There are no victims.

We all have the sovereignty to choose no matter the circumstance we find ourselves in.

Let’s put on our Warrior gear and get going. But this battle is being fought with or without your participation.

The world is ascending into a new vibrational resonance regardless of the fear which is coming to a head and being burned off.

Can you see past the illusion? What are you waiting for?

Focus. On. Love.

Take your eyes off the False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR).

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