Lasting Change Requires Activation

Activate Your Vybe Life

Action is necessary to overwrite defaults that no longer serve.

In the Vybe Life blog, we’ve talked about the power of reflection before. Its ability to change the energy of a circumstance in order to nurture momentum towards the experiences you desire, rather than recreating patterns that don’t serve you is one well worth exploring. Simply becoming aware of a mental or emotional habit, in fact, shifts the energy of that pattern, even if you do nothing else but observe it. If we can build this awareness from a place of openness (for the sake of self-optimization), we can skip the blame, shame, and doubt (which only leads to self-sabotage).

Thoughts are just the beginning

While reflecting is a necessary part of transformation, it is primarily a catalyst. In order to keep our momentum expanding forward, we need to put our frequency (money) where our intention (mouth) is. In other words, we have to walk our walk and talk our talk. It’s not enough to think something into being, we must follow up those thoughts with structure and make them habits in order to see lasting change. We must think (reflect) and DO (via actual action) in order to become (and experience the results physically). Certainly, there is much to be said of just incubating and honoring our cycles of rest (doing just to do can’t be quite unproductive)  but if we think we’ll achieve results that are currently outside of our vibrational resonance without doing something new, we are in for a slow go of manifestation.

Activation is Vibrational Doing  

Today we will dive deeper into the evolutionary process by exploring the benefits of ‘activation’ (vibrational doing) and how the Vybe Life App facilitates that essential piece of the expansion puzzle with you.

It may come as no surprise that in order to build new habits, we must practice those habits until they become second nature (or at the least, we get familiar with them). This is perhaps why so many people begin down the path towards self-optimization only to become frustrated at the lack of speed in aligning their wishes with their physical reality. We live in a world where immediate gratification is often amplified due to technologies and efficiencies. Besides, when time is involved, we tend to perceive it as ‘hard work’ (just one of many limiting beliefs many accept as truth).

Not too hard, but not too easy

This is where Flow (the art of balancing skill with challenge) comes in. If you want to remain present and excited about what you’re striving for, the activity needs to be challenging enough to keep you on your toes, but within your reach (so that you don’t feel overwhelmed). When optimization can feel like a game that isn’t too hard and isn’t too difficult (with rewards – both intrinsic and extrinsic) we can get the much-needed boost which is essential for desire and perseverance.

While it’s certainly a requirement to understand your goals and desires in order to achieve them, it is helpful to feel good about every step along the way (not just the endpoints). When you can build in genuine enjoyment of every step in the journey (not just the destination) you’ll ensure that you live a life of contentment. If you’re continually waiting for the end of the journey to feel your reward (happiness and fulfillment), then you’re missing the point because you will never arrive.

We must be content in the Eternal Now for it is all we will ever have. 

A major component then is to be sure you are challenged but not overwhelmed and are building in mini-celebrations that bring satisfaction and nurture your passion. Because if you’re being realistic, you’re never going to arrive. As a Creator, you will always be on to the next piece of your ever-expanding vision. Curiosity is the spice of life. When we can find things that are new and exciting to explore, we can open up to a continual supply of desire which may even lead to your Potent Purpose!

Practice Makes New Pathways

The other major component is to practice. You wouldn’t expect to become proficient at something without practicing it, right? And it is the same for mindfulness. Building new habits that over-ride your default responses (within your subconscious) takes time and repetition. Once a Master, not always a Master, especially when we are talking about 90% which runs automatically and is rooted in fear-based responses which keep us small. This means it’s a daily choice to reinforce a path of centeredness in the Now moment.

You’ll see how you’re doing when faced with circumstances that would usually trigger you. Sure, you may still react out of fear, but the difference will be that you will have the knowledge you need to quickly refocus and choose the path forward, rather than feel like you’re a victim in your world.

It is how you respond and interpret your experiences that is what you will experience. Either from a centered place of understanding and Sovereignty or a chaotic stress-based one. And again, if we’re being honest it has little to do with what is actually happening, and everything to do with how we are responding and the meaning we are assigning.

Getting in the Flow with Vybe Life

The Vybe Activities found within the Vybe Life App are designed to increase flow in all aspects of your life: relationships, health, body, nutrition, mindfulness, spirituality, purpose, emotional intelligence, stress processing, and more.

Completing at least one Vybe Activity daily will help you advance your skills, awareness, clarity, purpose, joy, and will lead you into an Autotelic life of fulfillment and expansion. 

We are honored to support you on your blissful path to the realization of your highest expression, and all that will illuminate for others as you shine your brightest light in this world. 

Head over to the Vybe Life App now to see the next Vybe Activity which awaits you. Then notice how it supports you in the next few hours and days. We’d love to hear when a specific Activity makes a positive addition to your life and encourage you to create a Vybe Post so that others are alerted to this helpful activation. Feel free to also share in our Private Vybe Life Group on Facebook; all Vybers welcome.

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