Glossary of Terms

Vybe Life Definitions


A “Vybe” is your personal vibration at any given moment. Everything is energy vibrating at various rates and we experience that energy through our five senses. Our overall Vybe is affected by the level of frequency we are emitting based on our emotional resonance. You may see this word spelled “vibe” in the common vernacular.

Vybe Life

We're a social platform that gamifies mindfulness through simple, fun and powerful Activities designed to elevate your Vybe and connect you with yourself and the world around you. By providing innovative and easy ways for you to tune-in, activate, reflect, and expand, we support you in finding yourself while connecting with others who resonate with and expand with you. Download Vybe Life Here.


A written expression of your current Vybe, your VybePost appears in the Field (with all Vybers), your Tribe Feed (your Tribe), and your Personal Feed (the VybePosts expressed by you). Think of it as a social post but without the projection and ego-mind-tricks which are common with most social apps. Anonymity and lack of self-image (no selfies are allowed) reveal a more authentic expression of you that can’t be judged or shamed. VybePosts are made in response to life, as well as the Vybe Activities you complete, and the adventures you go on within the app with other Vybers.

Vybe Meter

The proprietary digital tool inside the Vybe Life app which allows you to tune-in to your Vybe by framing your current emotional state and reflecting on what made you feel this way. The VybeMeter is the first step in entering the Vybe Life app and composing a VybePost.

High Vybe

Neutrality and above; high Vybes are elevated emotional resonance which indicates that your energy is coherent (rather than erratic). The upper register of the Vybe Meter allows you to choose the Vybe most aligned with your current state of being.

Low Vybe

Discontent and below; low Vybes are dense emotional resonance which indicates that your energy is erratic (and not coherent). The lower register of the Vybe Meter allows you to choose the Vybe which is most aligned with your current state of being.


The number of days in a row that you complete an activity or participate in other ways, the longer the streak, the deeper the rewards both personally (due to the Vybe Activities you’ve completed) and within the app (which rewards you for your commitment through unlocking additional features and perks).

Vybe Activities

A learning hub designed to provide short and powerful insights and activities which support you in self-mastery and evolution.


You can earn badges based on your level of progress inside of the Vybe Life app.


An organic feed of the most recent VybePosts created by Vybers all around the world.


The individual users which make up the Vybe Life Community; a Vyber is someone who participates in Vybe Activities, creates VybePosts, and ReVybes posts to expand their awareness and the information that is relevant and meaningful to them.


A VybePost you create in response to another one you’ve read which in some way affected you. When you ReVybe, that VybePost is seen by more people and it also influences the cultivation of your Tribe which is used to form the people in your Power 8.

Personal Feed

A running archive of your personal VybePosts.

Power 8

Your Power 8 is a smaller tribe of people that allows you to focus more clearly and amplify your intention. The group of 7 other Vybers (8 total including you) which most align with your resonance based on your interactions and engagement (including your ReVybes) will appear in your Tribe Feed. If you want someone in your Tribe, be sure to ReVybe their VybePosts.

Tribe Feed

The VybePosts from your Power 8.


A journey through curated and specific Vybe Activities that you take consciously through committing to a certain level of participation within the Vybe Life app.


From Oxford, “The study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself.” Above the genes, Epigenetics is the Science of how our perception and response to our environment actually changes our environment. From the inside out, you can turn on and off the genes which will determine the ways in which you experience your world. Consciously choosing experiences and the ways you respond to your environment builds powerful neural-networks in your brain which become new patterns and lead you into alignment with even more meaningful experiences. The Vybe Activities train your brain to leverage the power of Epigenetics.


From Oxford, “Awareness and understanding of one’s own thought processes.” The key to rewiring your brain to align with the future self you wish to experience is to increase your metacognition skills. The Vybe Activities are designed to do so by increasing your ability to observe and choose what you focus on. When you’re conscious of the ways in which you are responding to your circumstances, you consciously co-create the future you desire through this cognition.


From Oxford, “The quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.” When we aren’t aware of the default choices we are making through the patterns of our past, we don’t have the choice to form new stories and evolve into the fullest expression of ourselves. Becoming mindful ensures that we deepen our experiences through tapping into the fullness of each moment due to the awareness it brings and the options we have through that awareness to choose responses that align with our goals and visions for our future. The Vybe Activities provide helpful ways to achieve mindfulness while composing a VybePost facilitates the process.


From Oxford, “The ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections, especially in response to learning or experience or following injury.” There are two types of mindsets; fixed or growth. Fixed mindsets ensure that no additional networks are built within your mind and therefore, you experience reality within a fixed parameter of predefinition. The ruts we find ourselves in often indicate a lack of growth mindset. Alternatively, a growth mindset is one that makes use of our brains’ ability to form new patterns and connections. One which allows and encourages evolving and expanding experiences that deepen our fulfillment and connection to life. The Vybe Activities are curated to maximize your neuroplasticity and induce the consciousness which is required to tap into your limitless options beyond your current circumstances.

Quantum Entanglement

From Oxford, “is the physical phenomenon that occurs when a pair or group of particles is generated, interact, or share spatial proximity in a way such that the quantum state of each particle of the pair or group cannot be described independently of the state of the others, even when the particles are separated.” At Vybe Life, we recognize and celebrate our interconnectivity and believe that as we improve ourselves, we improve the world. The ways in which we think and feel have a direct impact on those around us. As the human race evolves into higher planes of consciousness, the extent to which we are connected is being proven on a Scientific level. We are ONE, and the Vybe Life community is an amazing platform to build meaningful connections with like-minded individuals. By playing the Vybe Life game, we are strengthening the bonds of positive transformation and extending it out as we shape our world together.

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